Privacy Policy in any circumstances does not take responsibility for any financial losses or profit of the investor. The amount invested by the person/people shall own their discretion, responsibility, and choice and the company does not take any participation in the design making of the same.

The results whatever they may be shall then be for and by the investor. Personal information includes the person’s name, address, contact, employers and organization’s name and address. The company restrains and forbid making any comments on the religious and government policies and considers the same as sheer encroachment.

Security of Data

Compare Brokers India guarantees full security of the financial data transfer by the investor. It shall under no circumstances reveal the same to an individual, group or a third party. The customers/investors can, therefore, be assured of the same. It commits to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the customers.

If Compare Brokers India uses the personal information it is for the sole reason of maintaining the accounts, answering queries and offer and deliver products and services. The company, however, may use relevant information with financial service affiliates, such as brokerage and insurance companies with the consent of the customer and by the regulations of the law.

Information of the User

Compare Brokers India commits to keeping all the personal information of the customers and investors limited to it. It understands and respects the privacy of each individual and respects the faith with which the investors have shared their personal information with the company. In addition, it also promises not to sell under any circumstances any such information to any individual or group.

The profit or loss that the firm goes through the process of collaboration and investment is the former’s sole asset and the investors cannot partake in it.

Firewall, Encryption

There is a well- developed system of firewall barriers, encryption, and authentication process to prevent unauthorized access to accounts. If the customer visits or collaborates with the company’s online portal then the former can make use of information such as internet protocol, device type, browser type, no of times the page is visited etc. The access is for functionality, navigation, and webpage content analysis and personalization of experiences.

The webpage does not make use of cookies. Cookies are small data collectors that provide information about the visitor to the web browser for faster browsing process. The company’s online portal does not make use of cookies.

Compare Brokers India advertises and publicizes in its own website and in no other forum. For this very reason, it may take the liberty to share the relationship with the customers, the type and kind of investment without any personal damage or encroachment. It is solely for the purpose of web page analysis. We may in such cases analyze the kinds of services and products that may interest you and thereby help the investors with better suggestions and options.

The policies and terms mentioned are liable to change and the visitors and consumers will be advised of it through the website. The terms are thereby temporary and must not be considered as permanent rules for continued work process.

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