I, Jana Hocking, have a confession

Willy Enderby asked 7 months ago
I, Jana Hocking, have a confession. Despite my mum's constant pleading that I stop treating my articles like diary entries, I'm going to ignore that (probably very good) advice and get this confession right off my chest. Japanese Porn and anime porn is fun to watch.

Yes, dear reader I did that thing I warn all of us not to do. I sent a 'heyyyyy' text to my emotionally unavailable man. You know the one I was bragging about kicking to the curb? Yep, that one.

In my defence I had just spent a week at the farm on my lonesome and unless you count the bulls, I did not get much attention from the male species that week.

So, upon arriving back at my lovely one-bedroom city apartment I reached out to the easiest, yet most unattainable man I knew and said 'heyyyyy'.

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