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HDFC Review, Rating and Demat Account Charges

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Minimum Brokerage per order(maximum 2.5% of turnover)ResidentNRI
Per Buy & Sell Order₹25₹25


HDFC Securities was set-up in the year 2000 as a subsidiary of HDFC bank. The stockbroking company has completed 17 years of its operation quite successfully and has established itself as one of the leading companies in the stockbroking trade. With more than 1,800,000 customers, 400,000,000+trades and over 30 products, HDFC securities offer boundless opportunities for traders and investors to trade their stocks on a real-time platform. The company deals with stocks on NSE as well as BSE.

They provide a wide range of products, services as well as assets, giving you the freedom to invest in whichever option you like. Be it equity, real estate, gold or debt, HDFC Securities has a product that will cater to all of your requirements.

It offers various trading platforms in the form of mobile trading, online trading as well as the Call N Trade option. You can choose the platform of your choice and convenience. The web portal makes use of Web 2.0 technology. If you are into using a mobile app, then you get the added benefit of creating a Multiple Personalized Market, which helps you further in keeping track of stocks as well as the assets of your choice.

They even offer the latest news about the stock market as well views and facts that may affect your investment choices to a large extent. HDFC Securities is dedicated towards an extensive research of the market, which backs all the views offered by the company. This research has led to the creation of offerings like ‘Pick of the Week’ which enjoys a success rate of over 90%.

You can also keep an eye on your complete investment portfolio which will help you in turn by keeping your investment portfolio as robust as possible. After all, when you are investing a part of your savings or money, then you need to keep an eye on how things are working out for you. This portfolio helps you keep track, monitor and make a list of stocks you want to watch. You can also choose to enroll for regular SMS updates to keep a track of the market.

Blink- The trading application provided by HDFC Securities is known as Blink and you can install this application if you are really serious about your investments. This is a terminal application which is best-suited for medium to heavy level investors. It is quite easy to use but it also comes at a price- for 6 months subscription, you need to pay 2,999, while for a 1-year subscription, you will have to pay a total of 3,999.

Advantages of Blink:

Disadvantages of Blink:

Final Verdict-

HDFC Securities is, first of all, a reliable name when it comes to stock market trading since there are a lot of fraudulent brokers ready to take advantage of innocent investors. With the 3-in-1 account, you will be able to become a full-time investor without so much as losing hair over the transactions involved. The transactions are completely hassle-free and do not require you to send a screenshot or a copy of your cheque, as some other brokers need. If you are looking to invest your money in a hassle-free manner, HDFC Securities is the way to go. But you must also be ready to bear the brokerage charges and other underlying charges levied on each transaction you make. This broker is best suited for medium to high-level traders who are planning to invest big.

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